Writer’s block in the red desert

Hi everyone, I’m Ariane. I’m pretty new at this. I got an invite to Spoonies from Cait Gordon. Like it is mentioned in my introduction, I love writing in the fantasy genre. But I’m sure this happens to everyone, when you get writer’s block. Sometimes searching for a title for your stories is hard. I love it when titles have metaphores or figures of speech. It makes the story much more intiguing, don’t you think? Well one of the series that follows Night Hunters, I can’t seem to find a title for it and one of the stories in it. The series is in a the red deserts of Esmary, which follows a girl from a royal family, who is kind of in trouble. The kingdoms in the South of Anaira are threatened by a group of marauders who kidnapped many individulalsb, bringing them to who knows where. If anyone has tips for naming series and stories, please share.

Sincerely, Super Trooper


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